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3 Ed Tech Tools to Maximize Learning Experience

School routines can become very boring for many students. Lacking any inspiration or motivation, these students quickly lose interest in their studies, and are less proactive than they otherwise would be. In-class learning experiences are definitely important—they are the foundation for achieving academic success. However, what if there were technologies that could massively improve the ways by which students process the material? Technologies accessible through, oh I don’t know, maybe something like an intranet?

Intranets consist of many moving parts that provide several solutions for faculty and students to complete tasks efficiently and collaborate with one another. So, what can ensure students remain focused and faculty consistently motivates students? Well, we’ve gathered three sure-fire ways for faculty to adopt optimal solutions that deliver the best learning experience to their students.

3 Ed Tech Tools to Maximize Learning Experience


The three EdTech solutions that vastly simplify educational tasks inside and outside the classroom comprise socialization, analytics and documenting tools.

1. Socializing Tools

These tools include instant messaging, blog writing, forums, memos, additional digital content such as video sharing and, of course, social media. These tools help faculty and students stay connected and share information and ideas, and, ultimately, they help increase absorption and retention of the material.

2. Analytical Tools

These tools are used primarily by faculty, but ultimately benefit the students, as well. Faculty members can access information, and use the measured statistics they find to generate strategies for increasing productivity in the classroom. With this data, faculty can discover trends, decipher issues and lay out thorough lesson plans for their classes.

3. Documenting Tools

File sharing is a vital part of many organizations’ workflow, and, of course, the same strategy applies to schools. There are so many files, emails, content, etc. shared on a consistent basis, and the intranet makes constant sharing not only possible, but super simple.

So how can teachers maximize their students’ learning experience? They can adopt these three EdTech tools to create a platform for delivering the best results to their students. And what’s more, educators easily can incorporate and access these tools on their classroom’s own, customized intranet.

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