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3 Reasons to Ask Questions when developing a Digital Workplace strategy

Your digital workplace strategy is sitting, ignored in a pile of papers. The room is silent, save for a flurry of fingers pattering away at keyboards and the occasional slurp of coffee. Your manager/fellow employee who has been working here longer than you is sitting a desk or two away, and you, for whatever reason, don’t know how to do the work you’re supposed to be doing. All it would take is a sentence or two, but you don’t want to sound silly, so instead you put your head down and try to solve the problem yourself. Welcome to the bane of the digital workplace and the tragic loop that many employees find themselves in. While a company such as LiveTiles can design every aspect of your digital workplace and answer any questions you may have, there is nothing more immediate than asking in person. Here are three reasons why speaking up and simply asking that question about the digital workplace can save you (and your company) a ton of trouble.

1. It could lead to a brilliant discussion

Often, if you find the courage to ask a question, your not always just asking for yourself. A fellow employee sitting right next to you could have the same question but not the courage or drive that you do. By asking out loud, you could be bettering your digital workplace as a whole. Asking questions can also lead to more than one answer, which can lead to the greatest human development of all time: a critical discussion. By asking a single question, you could promote your fellow employees to engage in an examination that will boost everyone’s intellect and understanding of a concept.

2. A genuine question is never stupid when developing a digital workplace strategy 

Perhaps the most fundamental question related advice there is remains the most unused. No question is flawed, only your fear of asking it. This could stem from the fact that you feel you only have a question because you did something wrong, like not pay attention during a mandatory meaning or bite off more than you can chew with your work assignments. What you have to keep in mind is that office managers will always respect someone who owns up to their mistakes, as opposed to someone who hides their flaws and potentially creates further problems down the line.


3. Questions show engagement

Nothing shows interest more than a steady stream of questions. While asking too many questions could potentially be annoying, no manager will ever be disappointed in an employee that shows a desire to learn. However, being an eager employee takes more than a steady barrage of questions. It’s important to take what you’re being told and actually apply it. The worst mistake you can ever make when asking a question is forgetting the answer.

Alternative ways to ask questions when developing a digital workplace strategy

Is speaking up the problem? Would you rather type out your question? Contacting your digital workplace provider through LiveTiles customer support is a great way to receive an educated answer to your question without feeling embarrassed.

Another alternative option to ask questions in the digital workplace is through the social networking app Yammer. You cansocial feeds into your digital workplace when using LiveTilesWith LiveTiles Intranet, you can designate different groups for different discussion topic categories. Through group discussion, Yammer offers a platform for curious users to ask questions and create a digital conversation with the potential for feedback from multiple people. 

It is important to remember that asking a question in an open space benefits much more than just yourself. Always remember this old Chinese proverb: “He who asks a question remains a fool for five minutes. He who never asks a question remains a fool for eternity.”

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