Tips for Building a SharePoint Site – Workshop

When building a SharePoint site there are many factors to take into consideration. The main factor being the people who will be using the site. How will they interact with it and what functionality will they require so the SharePoint site is a help and not a hindrance?

Running a workshop that is centred around building a SharePoint site would certainly help to clarify some of the confusion. Including current and new SharePoint users would enhance knowledge of the program and improve the ability to utilize SharePoint effectively for employees daily work tasks.

3 Tips for building a SharePoint site


So, how do you go about building a SharePoint site? You can start by running a SharePoint workshop.

Introduce the Workshop to Your Employees 

You should advertise this event to the staff somehow, perhaps through a mass company email or by posting a bulletin on an existing company intranet. For those new to SharePoint, discussing the initial features will be fundamental because they need to understand how, why, and in what areas SharePoint will maximize workplace productivity. Informing them about how SharePoint will enhance facilitation of workplace initiatives is crucial, as it will facilitate user adoption of the new service.

Utilize User Adoption Techniques to Incorporate SharePoint into Your Workplace 

Once you’ve established a clear audience and subject, utilize user adoption techniques by conducting focus groups and providing training on SharePoint. Focus groups are a good strategy to quickly figure out whether or not the transition to another program will be a simple one. In addition, providing SharePoint training will put the user at ease with using the new software and help them to understand it’s benefits.

You have to entice your staff to see the benefit in using one uniform program to conduct their work efficiently and collaboratively in order for the new system to be successfully adopted. SharePoint is the perfect business solution for this – inform your staff that they can easily access important files in one location and work collaboratively on documents by sharing and editing with team members simultaneously.

Receive & Respond to Employee Feedback 

Lastly, encourage and respond to feedback from staff members. Including them in the process increases the probability that this new integration will succeed. Also, accepting employees’ response to the change motivates them to want to use SharePoint. They may even have insights that can improve how the SharePoint will be used.

SharePoint workshops will certainly inform and engage your staff on workplace best practices using SharePoint. Once employees are familiar with SharePoint’s functions, it is clear that you have a new roadmap to achieving the best business solutions in your workplace.

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