3 Ways the Intranet is Backing Education

Education is such a vital part of society, molding the minds of future generations that eventually will carry on our legacy. As society has evolved, so has education. New practices have been incorporated into the education industry, creating a more effective environment for students to absorb the material more efficiently.

So what has changed the education industry recently? The intranet—or, more aptly—the digital workplace.

College students are in constant need of registering for courses, updating documents, communicating with faculty and collaborating with peers. Just like a business solution, having an intranet is equally beneficial as an education solution, consolidating all components to simplify functionality.

Historically, intranets have been known to drastically change the scope of how businesses perform in their industries; the same change can be applied to academia. The intranet is a feature that has been rather underutilized in the industry, perhaps because faculty and board members may not see the importance of implementing this kind of technology.

3 Ways the Intranet is Backing Education


Integrated digital intranets in the education department can enhance the ways that students and faculty interact with one another and, ultimately, the way material is taught. In what ways, you may wonder? There are three surefire ways the intranet is backing education.

3 Ways Intranets Improve Education:

1. Improving Efficiency

Communication and collaboration are seriously lacking in the academic industry; there is little or no sharing of documents, files are duplicated and follow-through processes are left scattered because not every procedural component is conveniently located in one place. AND let’s not forget that online content creates much less hassle than having to run back and forth to the university book store!

2. Improving Morale

Because communication isn’t thorough enough between faculty and students, those professional relationships begin to dwindle; social intranets produce a stronger community, and increased communication creates a more productive environment for students to complete their work.

3. Improving Training

Recognizing the importance of social networking is also an important tool to utilize because it’s the direction we are headed for the future, and it’s proving to be massively effective. Additionally, constant contact allows for more information to be shared and documented in real time, from anywhere.

Understand this: Yes, universities and colleges worldwide have molded some of the most influential, intelligent and innovative professionals who have achieved tremendous success. Now, imagine the lengths we would reach harnessing the power of the intranet!

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