Four lessons from the LiveSmiles Webinar

Last week, the LiveTiles APAC team hosted the first open LiveSmiles webinar – going over the origins, purpose, and structure of the forthcoming solution.

At the start of 2018, LiveTiles CXO and Co-Founder Peter Nguyen-Brown embarked on a mission to understand wellness and happiness.

A few months and a few “aha!” moments down the line, Peter’s drive turned into LiveSmiles – an community-led initiative aimed at transforming the subject of wellness from an awareness drive into an intrinsic part of life.

For those of you who weren’t able to make the webinar and are curious about LiveSmiles, below are four key takeaways:

1. LiveSmiles is a community-led initiative.

As a software company, we contribute what we do best: a customizable platform and toolset on which to build wellness resources.

That means that the success of LiveSmiles is dependent on so much more than just the technology; the effort relies on connecting to the experts out there on wellness and connecting people with the purpose of advocacy and giving to a common effort.

2. A free solution

Need we say more? LiveSmiles (and the LiveTiles platform and toolset it is built on) will be available free of charge to organizations and individuals across the globe who are keen to accelerate and broaden the scope of wellness practice.

3. Curiosity- and learning- focused

Our goal is for users to engage with the resulting solution primarily with a sense of curiosity – to learn more about wellness and what programs there are to help them in their individual practice.

The intention of LiveSmiles is to design for positivity, user learning, and prevention – not to stick a technical band-aid on a problem, but to create an engaging framework where users can learn more and reach their own goals.

4. Emphasis on customization

We don’t want to dictate a single standard experience – as the paths to personal and community wellness are as numerous (and as different) as the individuals pursuing them.

Though LiveSmiles will come packaged as a solution, the underlying LiveTiles platform it’s built on will still be accessible to users. Meaning, designers can incorporate their own branding, add further code customizations, or add new features using LiveTiles’ drag and drop capabilities.

This includes, of course, the LiveTiles Intelligence page view – solution owners can get real-time analytics and usage heatmaps showing how users are interacting with different parts of LiveSmiles and customize accordingly. Not many people clicking on a resource documents section, but lots of activity around a bot covering a different subject? Try swapping out that content for an interactive bot to deliver that information, perhaps.

All in all, a critical first step in engaging the expert (and just plain interested) community, one we hope to repeat in the weeks leading up to LiveSmiles’ release.

Want to learn more, or get involved in LiveSmiles? Let us know here.

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