4 Ways to Enhance Themes in Your Digital Workplace

What are businesses most frustrated with in their workplace? Perhaps not being able to access and manage files with simplicity? They might even be fed up with their intranet looking boring and lacking personality. Possibly even fed up with the word, “intranet!” You can possess the exact features business users need to simplify the process and to also enhance themes in their digital portal.

Businesses can create visually stunning digital portals that motivate their staff to collaborate and deploy their workplace tasks with ease. By enhancing the visual theme of your digital workplace you can provide a more engaging experience for business users. There are several ways to enhance themes in your workplace.

One, user experience and user interface play somewhat of a large role in the forming of uplifting and motivational themes in digital workplaces. UX revolves around how simple the platform is for the business user by way of stunning UIs.

In the past, user interfaces were dull and boring and difficult to manage. As a result users lost interest in utilizing it for their tasks. However over time, developers have pioneered in the rise of digital workplaces. In an age where consumers are constantly using digital devices, it only made sense that the IT industry would catch up to new and trending features.

4 ways to enhance themes in your digital workplace


Here are 4 ways to enhance themes in your workplace, with visual examples created using LiveTiles Design:

1. Use a Broad Guiding Concept

Digital portals are more enticing to consumers when there is a general theme linked to the platform. For example, the inclusion of logos, branded visuals, custom messaging and true authenticity are attractive because they provide the consumer more of a connection to the product. So by incorporating a general theme, the user feels more connected to the platform.

4 Ways to Enhance Themes in Your Digital Workplace

2. Simplify Navigation

Because users often become frustrated with constant clicking to reach an end-point, it is necessary to include things like drop down menus, recognizable icons, pagination and basically just providing a more intuitive user experience in the process.

4 Ways to Enhance Themes in Your Digital Workplace

3. Maintain Font Style

Staying consistent with the type of font is important – in this way, you can ensure that the content looks uniform and that nothing looks like it does not belong. Using legible fonts and highlighting necessary links is crucial as well. Clarity is key.

4 Ways to Enhance Themes in Your Digital Workplace

4. Incorporate Minimalist Visuals

Ensure all of the images on the portal are appropriately formatted, display natural resolution, contain flexible scalability and minimized meta data. Using big fonts, solid colors and lots of visuals create a simple and stunning interface. Less is more.

4 Ways to Enhance Themes in Your Digital Workplace

Digital portals can become too mundane, lack simple usability and just become too displeasing to the eye. Incorporating the above strategies will certainly enhance themes in your digital portal to boost usability, make it more productive, ultimately provide the user with a visually eye-popping user interface.

One method of doing this is by using LiveTiles Design. LiveTiles allows partners the opportunity to dramatically enhance themes in the workplaces of their customer. Partners can present mock up digital portals to their customers by showcasing these very features.

Incorporate These Methods in Your Digital Workplace

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