5 Benefits that Public Sector organisations get from AI-powered solutions

At LiveTiles our mission is to reshape the way people interact with technology, through transformative AI-enhanced solutions and intelligent design. We work with public sector organisations across North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe to improve the user experience, freeing both staff and customers from time-consuming, mundane tasks so they can focus on what’s most important – getting the best possible information and service to solve the problem at hand.

LiveTiles Bots aim to demystify AI for the public sector with a no-code bot builder that utilizes drag and drop technology. Based on our extensive experience from the successful deployment of automated solutions and virtual assistants (or Chatbots) we have identified the top 5 Benefits that public sector organisations get from our AI-powered solutions:

1. Flexible Experience

  • Keep staff and client directories automatically up-to-date giving a massive boost to efficiency, as well as more effective communications and collaboration across teams and regions.
  • Enable staff to focus fully on customer service avoiding the need to waste valuable time on tedious, repetitive tasks.
  • Tailor a bot to take on the the tasks you need done and provide a 24/7 service to staff and customers.

2. Unified experience

  • A ‘one-stop’ interface to popular applications including Outlook, Skype, Teams, Yammer or One Cloud etc. simplifies management of applications, billing, etc.
  • Chatbots are a concrete means to accelerate adoption of AI-powered productivity and collaboration solutions.

3. User experience (UX)

  • LiveTiles Bots offer a familiar UX, like the messaging apps commonly used by your employees and customers.
  • Intuitive, modern interface ensures successful engagement and onboarding of users.

4. Smooth integration

  • LiveTiles Bots works seamlessly inside SharePoint and Office 365.

5. Design evolution

  • The friendly design of the bot and dashboards, with real-time feedback on user activity, allows organizational users to easily improve features for optimum engagement.

Whether it’s deploying a set of productivity-enhancing bots, maintaining directories that are always up-to-date, or empowering IT teams with actionable usage metrics, LiveTiles strives to close the feedback loop between the end user, designers, and IT teams and provide a truly intelligent user experience.

LiveTiles is proud to be sponsors of the EvoNorth event for the Public Sector in Manchester on 27/28 February at the conference center at the Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Club. Please come visit us to learn more aobut how we can help you build the intelligent workplace.

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