5 Benefits that University Users get from LiveTiles Chat Bot Solutions

Article originally published in Bett News

At LiveTiles our mission is to reshape the way people interact with technology, through transformative AI-enhanced solutions and intelligent design. We work with universities across North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe to improve the student experience, freeing both staff and students from time-consuming, mundane tasks so they can focus on what’s most important – education, collaboration and learning.

Based on our extensive experience working with universities around the world, and particularly learning from the successful deployment of virtual assistants, or Chatbots, we have identified what we believe are the top 5 Benefits that University users get from LiveTiles Chat Bot solutions:

1. Flexible Experience

·       Chatbots accelerate adoption of AI-powered productivity and collaboration solutions

·       Create a bot for the tasks you need done and provide a 24/7 service to staff and students

·       Enable students and staff to focus fully on academic pursuits and not waste valuable time on mundane, repetitive tasks

·       Find new ways to connect with students at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

2. Unified experience

·       Chatbots will help you surface content from multiple services through one ‘pane of glass’ on the LiveTiles dashboard

·       A ‘one-stop’ interface to popular Education Management Systems such as Canvas, Colleague, and Blackboard simplifies management of class enrollments, billing, grades etc.

3. User experience (UX)

·       LiveTiles Bots offer a familiar UX, like the messaging apps frequented by students

·       Our Bots Framework provides the perfect sandbox environment for students, and student clubs, to build bots

·       Intuitive, modern interface ensures successful onboarding of users and top-level engagement

4. Smooth integration

·       LiveTiles Bots works seamlessly inside SharePoint and Office 365

·       Users are never aware that LiveTiles is working in the background

5. Design evolution

·       The friendly design of the bot and dashboards, with real-time feedback on user behavior, allows university users to easily improve features and engagement.

Whether it’s deploying a set of productivity-enhancing bots, building a portal that surfaces your most-used apps and resources in a compelling interface, or empowering IT teams with actionable usage metrics, LiveTiles strives to close the feedback loop between the end user, designers, and IT teams and provide a truly intelligent user experience. We are proud to have received the 2018 Microsoft US ‘Modern Workplace Transformation’ Partner Award. Our LiveTiles Bots were awarded the 2018 “Best Application of AI in the Enterprise” AIconics award, and in November 2018 we won the European SharePoint Community Award for ‘Most Creative use of Microsoft Flow’ for revolutionizing IT support with Bots and Microsoft Flow.

“LiveTiles Bots demystify AI for the world of education with a no-code bot builder that utilizes drag and drop technology. Our Chat Bots work tirelessly on behalf of universities around the world, providing amazing user experiences and putting AI-powered solutions to work so that universities can fully focus on what matters most: delivering high-level education and research, and enhancing the student experience.

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