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5 Reasons to Join the Digital Classroom

There is a lot of anxiety surrounding the digital classroom. Schools worry that students will slack off on social media, parents panic about cyber-bullying and many teachers fear that their already underappreciated and frequently misunderstood profession will become even more devalued as technology plays an active role in the learning process.

All of these concerns make sense, but worrying can eclipse the most important point: Technology has enormous potential to enhance learning. Below are five essential reasons to join the digital classroom today.

5 Reasons To Go Digital:

 1. The digital classroom facilitates collaboration.

The digital classroom leads to more collaboration between students and teachers. The social intranet, for example, keeps everyone connected when class is over. Documents can be shared in a centralized network. Students and teachers can use their mobile devices to access important information on the go.

 2.The digital classroom increases productivity.

By giving students the opportunity to access learning materials from anywhere, teachers will increase their students’ productivity. If a student is sick, for example, he or she can still complete coursework from home, rather than try to make up the work days later when he or she feels better. These small conveniences enable students to get more work done in a shorter timespan, and make sure no one gets left behind.

3.The digital classroom is more democratic. 

The digital classroom redefines the student-teacher relationship. Essentially, the virtual classroom gives students more opportunities to share knowledge with their fellow classmates. Unlike a traditional classroom, in which the teacher might be perceived as a top-down dictator of sorts, the digital classroom makes students feel like they are working with one another—not for the teacher.

 4.The digital classroom is cost-effective.

Rather than spend unreasonable sums of money on textbooks, students can access learning materials for free, in the virtual classroom. Teachers, if they wish, can direct students to relevant TEDtalks or YouTube videos.

 5.The digital classroom prepares students for the digital workplace. 

The digital workforce is the new majority. Many industries, from retail to real estate, are adopting the latest technology and taking advantage of all the latest apps. Teachers can prepare students for a career in the digital workplace by integrating technology into the classroom.

5 Reasons to Join the Digital Classroom


Concerns about the digital classroom are understandable, but as the above reasons show, there’s nothing to fear. The digital classroom has many benefits, and can increase educational opportunities for the new generation of students.

 Join the Digital Classroom Today 


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