5 Ways Analytics can Drive SharePoint Adoption

Making the plunge into SharePoint can be an exciting and scary time for a company. On the one hand, SharePoint is a powerful online collaborative tool that enables users across all job functions to share information, connect with teams, and carry out day-to-day tasks. On the other hand, SharePoint lacks the interactive UX people want, and a lot of organizations don’t see a substantial ROI.

Reluctance to bring new technology into the workplace is understandable, and many companies that use SharePoint but aren’t always satisfied sometimes stay stagnant rather than improve the experience. But change is necessary if you want your users to be engaged and want your company to save time and money on deployment and maintenance.

People constantly interact with interactive and engaging UX design on websites and social media and through apps. They rely on intuitive UX to quickly learn a new technology. It’s time to start applying these principles to your organization’s SharePoint intranet.

Driving SharePoint adoption doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Interactive tools for capturing data and viewing analytics, identifying user and team advocates and quickly modifying the SharePoint UX can be leveraged to make a difference.

Below are 5 ways that your organization can start using analytics to drive SharePoint adoption:

1. Identify the Users

Analytics start with the Five W’s: Who, what, when, where and why.

  • Who is using the intranet? Use analytics to capture locations, job functions and visits.
  • What work is done on the intranet? Evaluate user activities, including searching, downloading, commenting, liking and sharing.
  • When is the intranet used? Look at the time of day as well as traffic related to events and news announcements.
  • Where is the intranet accessed? Examine physical and virtual locations.
  • Why is the intranet accessed? Determine the content being accessed and its frequency to understand what users find valuable.

2. Identify Intranet Stars

Once the data is captured, the next step is to use it effectively. Identify the most active users and engage with them. Learn what is and is not working for them. Enlist these “intranet stars” to encourage SharePoint adoption and shape training. Keep in mind, “intranet stars” are not just those with the most visits to the SharePoint site. They are the ones engaging with content through comments, clicks and collaborative interactions.

3. Slice, Dice & Group Data

Using statistics to slice, dice and group can help reveal how various teams use the intranet. Use the opportunity to learn from successes. Investigate why some teams adopt the intranet faster than others. Perhaps teams with lower engagement may need more training. Perhaps active teams are encouraged by tech-savvy users, managers or administrators. Perhaps the site is just more relevant to one team’s project. Whatever the answer, you can find out why your SharePoint intranet works well for some teams and not others.

4. Modify, Monitor & Repeat

Once you identify what is not working, implement modifications and use analytics to monitor their success. You can measure engagement in real time and make quick changes as needed to provider an optimal UX.

5. Mind the KPIs

Measuring the ROI of your SharePoint intranet can be difficult where productivity gains can be hard to directly monitor. However, it is essential to know the desired outcomes for SharePoint adoption. While seeing traffic increase to an intranet site is gratifying, it is vital that traffic correctly supports organizational goals. Do you want to decrease email usage and increase intranet messaging? Is the goal to reduce travel with more online collaboration? Are you aiming to replace other collaboration tools with SharePoint? Do you want to minimize HR visits or IT help desk requests? You can measure all of this analytics to ensure that your SharePoint intranet meets your organization’s objectives.

Need to brush up on your analytics skills? See G2’s Data Analytics Learning Hub.

Making decisions based on fact, not fiction

Giving your SharePoint users what they want doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Real time data and analytics will enable you to understand how your users are engaging with your site’s pages. It’s time to stop making intranet decisions based on fiction, and start making improvements based on fact. With intelligent analytics, you can consistently modify your site’s pages, driving SharePoint adoption for teams to give them the best possible user experience, while also saving your organization time and money.

Use Analytics to Drive SharePoint Adoption

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