5 Ways Your Business is Excel-ing with LiveTiles

Microsoft certainly hit the ground running when they created their Office suite – it provides a myriad of applications used by a large majority of businesses today. Even Mac users, who have their own set of software, still rely on these optimal solutions. Microsoft office has always just excel-led in in B2B applications – caught that pun? Well, Excel is one of the most widely used applications that the Microsoft Office suite offers.

Microsoft Excel is a platform that supplies users with tools to organize and utilize data for the deployment of particular workplace initiatives. It also makes it simpler to collect, collate, and analyze great volumes of data to maximize monetization in the company. Excel is used for several reasons, including finance, accounting, CRM management, and both marketing and HR initiatives.

We’ve figured that there are 5 optimal ways in which Excel benefits your organization:

1. Building Charts – Organizations are able to create top-tier charts that display data from the information entered into the cells and rows. These cells and rows build mass lists that can be altered or equated to determine a specific quota using Excel formulas.

2. Conditional Formatting – Like in all Microsoft Office suite applications, Excel allows users to format their content with colors and fonts as well as to freeze label panes and color code specific criteria.

3. Identify Trends – When presenting data in charts and graphs, Excel offers a feature that uses average lines to forecast future trends. These average lines extend beyond the graph to give the most approximate trends for future business.

4. Data Collection – Excel collects data and content from various sources and centralizes it in one place, including raw data and information from other spreadsheets.

5. Online Access – Microsoft is of course accessible through the Office 365 platform, which grants access from a range of different devices from any location. This provides a viable alternative to working in a physical office space.

So as you can see, making use of Excel can and will enhance the scope and efficacy of workplace initiatives. With these resources at your disposal, you are able to accomplish much more in your organization.

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