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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

6 Essential UX Features to Transform Your Digital Workplace 

A top-notch user experience can make the difference between a platform that drives productivity and one that sows frustration. In this article, we’ll unpack the 6 UX features essential to a happy and productive digital workplace. Let’s dive in. 

1. Be Useful: 

Being ‘useful’ means providing practical and relevant content tailored to each member of your team. How is this achieved? 

  • Role-Specific Content Delivery – so that IT staff aren’t swamped with Sales info.  
  • Localized Updates – so that UK staff don’t get hit by on-site training updates from Brazil. 
  • Personalized Dashboards – so that every user feels at home in their digital hub. 

LiveTiles provides customizable workspaces, delivering key tools and information to users according to their location, their role, and even their mindset.. 

2. Be Usable: 

‘Usability’ refers to the ease with which users can complete their tasks on the platform. In his book Don’t Make Me Think, UX guru Steve Krug champions software that is intuitive and simple to navigate. This in mind, LiveTiles guarantees seamless Teams integration, OneDrive integration and smooth alignment with countless other applications. This reduces the need to hop between screens, cuts task-switching and prevents cognitive overload

3. Be Credible:  

Credibility is about designing safe, trustworthy digital environments. It’s rooted in users’ holistic perception of the source: do they have confidence in the platform? At LiveTiles, we ensure that all information is clear, accurate, and easily accessible, fostering trust in your workplace. 

“At LiveTiles, we believe that credibility in UX design is more than a strategy; it’s an emotional connection. It’s about making our users feel valued and respected. When users trust a digital platform, they not only use it more often, but they also become advocates for the product. They share their positive experiences with others, expanding our community of satisfied users.” 

Laura Foletto, Senior UX Designer, LiveTiles

4. Be Findable: 

Jakob Nielsen, a renowned authority in web usability, says: “a search box is the user’s lifeline when navigation fails.” How many precious hours have you spent buried in a maze of files or picking through conversation threads in search of that one critical piece of info? A LiveTiles search delivers it in seconds. Think of us as your personal librarian, effortlessly retrieving the resource you need, when you need it. 

5. Be Desirable: 

Desirability in a digital workspace is often determined by its visual appeal. If the layout recalls a WordPress blog from 2004, users will be turned off right away. Not only does LiveTiles provide a sleek, attractive design – our software allows companies to personalize the platform’s aesthetics to match their branding, promoting a cohesive culture and amplifying the employee voice within the organization.  

6. Be Accessible: 

An accessible platform is one that everyone can navigate with ease, regardless of their abilities. In line with recommendations set out in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 (w3.org)., LiveTiles incorporates: 

  • Colour Contrast Checkers – so that users can read content easily through optimized colour differences. 
  • Alt Text for Images – so that users don’t miss out on information, even when images can’t be seen. 
  • Visual Focus Indicators – so that users can navigate the web smoothly, with active elements clearly highlighted. 

The outcome? A fully inclusive digital workplace. 

Why UX Matters 

A great user experience goes beyond functionality – it empowers your team to take pleasure in their daily tasks. This can only be achieved when people are placed at the heart of the design process. At LiveTiles, our advanced UX lets us honour our commitment to ‘be where the user is’. Guided by the six principles above, we strive to create a digital environment that feels as natural and intuitive as the physical world, so that every individual can shine at work. 

Ready to delight your team with a best-in-class user experience? Book a demo today. 

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