Are airlines in need of digital design solutions?

You may know someone who was affected by the recent software glitch at Delta and the delays of hundreds of flights. The Wall Street Journal quickly reported on the event in the article “Delta Meltdown Reflects Problems With Aging Technology” in their Monday edition:

 “A power outage at Delta Air Lines Inc. grounded thousands of passengers world-wide during the height of the summer travel season, wreaking havoc on the carrier’s reservations system and drawing attention to antiquated technology that has plagued many airlines” (Carey).  


As The Wall Street Journal points out, airlines are falling behind in technology and need a practical digital design solution. It isn’t just Delta, “The industry is grappling with an aging, increasingly complex web of computer systems responsible for tasks ranging from selling tickets to scheduling flight crews” according to Charisse Jones and Elizabeth Weise, authors of USA Today’s August 8th Print Edition Cover Story, “Airlines at Risk With Aging Technology.” Aside from customer dissatisfaction, airline delays and cancellations create travel bottlenecks—further slowing the process. In some cases, airlines will arrange for a bus to transport stranded passengers. I know that’s happened to me, but it’s easier for passengers to accept delays when it’s a weather problem or an unforeseeable mechanical issue, especially when the delay is six hours or more as Delta’s was. When flights are suspended, business is impacted, meetings are missed, materials are not delivered, and on top of everything else, the airlines have to grant expensive travel vouchers that cut into their bottom line. This is to be expected when one of the most crucial business sectors relies on “overlapping, often disjointed systems,” according to Jones and Weise, to serve customers and run the organization. That’s not to say that airlines aren’t doing great work or that employees aren’t trying their best, because they are. LiveTiles team members fly all around the world and experience excellent customer service—and that’s why we don’t like to see airlines facing these problems.

They’re a predictable outcome of falling behind in the digital workplace. Data management, project management software, intranet design tools and everything else needed for a great UI are available now, but action is required to use them. The airlines, like many large institutions, tend to rely on their outdated “legacy” systems because they work well enough to get by on—until they don’t. With fuel costs, routes, equipment and sales to think about already, is it really the work of airlines to keep up with today’s digital trends? We would argue that the answer is yes.

It’s been said that every industry is now a software industry, and failing to accept this will result in a loss of customers and an even greater cost for IT services in the long run. The older systems require more patches over time, while the disconnect between the current needs of businesses and the original purposes of their legacy systems grows by the day. Since last summer, technology problems have grounded flights for Southwest, JetBlue, American and United Airlines. For the good of the airlines, consumers and businesses, airliner digital design technologies should be modernized.

LiveTiles Chief Architect Erik Ralston points out that new technologies allow us to do more with less, as long as we are current. It saves time for IT departments and non-technical employees alike. This is where LiveTiles delivers a remarkable value, because we integrate the latest programs into our designer, making them simple to use. With a continued emphasis on product innovation, and by actively listening to our subscribers, we are constantly unlocking new capabilities for our users.


LiveTiles brings in much more than digital design solutions, we also integrate social intranets for increased employee engagement and teamwork. Collaboration and project management software are both essential in business, and we have them ready for use with a wide variety of pre-configured tiles. In fact, LiveTiles is the only company putting the latest technology squarely into the hands of IT departments and regular business users alike with an intuitive tile-based UI. This makes intranet design different, and easy. Our product team knows SharePoint inside and out, and we specialize in making SharePoint user-friendly, but if you don’t have SharePoint or Office 365, we have you covered. LiveTiles Cloud is coming soon, it lets you design your site’s optimal UX by way of Microsoft’s cloud service, Azure. There is a free LiveTiles Design trial available, and 24 hour customer service to answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re an airliner, a marketing agency, a human resource department or something else entirely, partner with LiveTiles and let us bring you the technology you need so you focus on your core business.

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