How to Appeal to Millennials in The Digital Workplace

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The digital workplace isn’t just a cutting edge concept now, it’s the definitive workplace structure of the future as well. Naturally, Millennials are buzzing over the concept of the digital workplace and represent the largest generation in the U.S labor force according to Pew Research Center’s analysis of the 2015 U.S Census Bureau with 53.5 million workers. As their presence in the workforce will only continue to grow in the coming years, here are three ways to make the digital workplace as hip and Millennial friendly as possible.

Establish an engaging intranet

Quick, what’s the heart of your digital workplace? Your company’s intranet should be your employee’s number one cyber resource. A company such as LiveTiles is the ideal company to choose to build your digital workplace. LiveTiles offers a completely customizable intranet that can be updated to fit both the needs of your current project and the work habits of your employees (which of course includes Millennials). Aside from being a modern and cutting edge service, LiveTiles includes unique touches of personality by allowing you to design a digital workplace that represents your brand to make for a more appealing work environment. For example the company intranet at LiveTiles is called Andy, named after the revolutionary artist Andy Warhol and our homepage usually features a changing graphic or video that promotes creative inspiration.

Emphasize value of work

Nothing is more unappealing to a Millennial than work that doesn’t serve a purpose. The philosophy behind your company’s projects and goals should consist of a light atmosphere. Employees should have a clear idea as to how their contributions benefit both the company and the consumer. Nothing suppresses motivation more than work a Millennial deems “meaningless” or “mindless.” Weekly digital workplace activities should include games like find the pineapple and other work contests. While playing games at work may seem juvenile in some regards, it’s important to step back from the whole “Millennials are the younger generation” concept and realize that Millennials are meant to set the bar for the digital workplace.

Keep evolving your digital workplace

The concept of the digital workplace itself is “people first” and that means crushing the notion that work is meant to be a stuffy place void of fun. For Millennials, the digital workplace as a concept is already appealing to them.


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The trick to making your digital workplace as appealing as possible to millennials means you have to embrace everything enjoyable and pleasant that the ideal digital workplace promises. This means fully taking advantage of all the technological resources at your disposal, which includes actively engaging in Skype meetings as opposed to physical meetings, establishing a hip workplace that prioritizes comfort and productivity rather than over-organized, stuffy desks, and establishing a user-friendly intranet that promotes creativity and easy accessibility, like LiveTiles. Instead of viewing Millennials as a puzzle to solve, think of them as the new wave that will usher your digital workplace to completeness.

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