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Limitless possibilities with LiveTiles and BindTuning

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Hi, we’re LiveTiles

We create technology solutions for organizations of all sizes to connect their people to everything they need at work for a more personal, productive, and purposeful experience. Now, with our recent acquisition of BindTuning, we can do the same for schools. Deliver curriculum-based classroom experiences in Microsoft Teams, at-scale, and greatly reduce costs by investing in innovation already in use at your school today.

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Why LiveTiles and BindTuning?

Our experts are available to help you get started quickly. We’ll work with you to understand the particulars of your environment, your challenges, your goals, and how you can best implement a collaborative and connected digital campus.

For the administrator:
  • Give staff the resources they need to do their job effectively.
  • Deliver excellence in education with structured templates.
  • Consume user data already available in your Azure Active Directory, which using School Data Sync, will reflect the Student Information System classroom roster data.
For the teacher:
  • Easily update digital classrooms and store templates for future use.
  • Push fresh content, new curriculum, and updates to your classrooms quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Deliver the best possible student experiences, headache-free.
For the department head:
  • Maintain course repository for easy reuse.
  • Ensure the content is equitable and consistent from class to class and grade to grade.
  • Onboard classroom teams at-scale and in minutes based on pre-defined course curriculum.
For the student:
  • Easily access resources, assignments, and tools you need for each class.
  • Have all of your classes and supporting info in one digital place,
  • Use tools you’re already familiar with.

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