Building the intelligent media workplace: LiveTiles at MESA HITS Fall 2018

Media, Entertainment, and the Intelligent Workplace

The media and entertainment industry has the distinction of being extremely diverse. Media productions of all kinds are managed by numerous stakeholders, often across a range of specialties and locations. Sound and lighting tech, temporary location staff, high-level creative teams, personnel management professionals …. media companies see them all.

Communication between these groups is integral to smooth project implementation, where there is a great deal of room for improvement, specifically around increased efficiency and streamlined processes.

Digitalized workplaces have gone some way to addressing these issues, but they often have a one-size-fits-all approach—not optimal for projects with a wide range of roles, employment terms, and needs.

Enter the LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace. It takes the communication and collaboration channels offered by the digital workplace and augments them with user analytics and configurable bots, empowering media and entertainment organizations to build intelligent workplaces that can continuously evolve to meet diverse user needs and a wide array of resources.

These tools are designed to surface an employees’ most pertinent information in a compelling interface and assist in repeatable tasks like information retrieval.

But most important in the Media and Entertainment industry, they empower designers to create online workspaces diverse enough to match the staff on any particular project.


LiveTiles Intelligence


Analytics and virtual assistants

For example, LiveTiles Intelligence provides designers with up-to-date usage data, enabling them to see at a glance what information is most used and where, and how to improve the layout or content of less-visited resources. This means that designers can keep their communication and collaboration platforms up-to-date and relevant to the requirements of all stakeholders.

Another example is LiveTiles Bots. Through a simple natural language interface, designers can configure chatbots to be virtual personal or team assistants able to surface information from multiple data sources; so the bots not only remove mundane and repeatable tasks from employees’ calendars, but can be easily duplicated and customized for different types of employee – e.g. a Creative Director looking for recent branding materials or a temporary staffer trying to find a specific escalation policy —  so that everyone can have more time to focus on the specialized tasks they need to do.


LiveTiles Bots


Keen to learn more? Come visit us at the highly anticipated MESA HITS Fall event on October 4th at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

Our Global VP of Innovation and Experience, Dan Goss, will be leading the 11am breakout session on the value of the Intelligent Workplace powered by AI. He’ll be offering ideas and tips on how to change the way organizations work internally to allow for more competitive ways to work externally. Come along to learn how your organization can use the latest cutting-edge technology to provide unforgettable, personalized experiences for your employees.

Erin Stearns and Nedra Allmond from LiveTiles will also be joining Dan at HITS. Stop by to see how you can create and customize an intelligent workplace with AI to suit your companies’ specific requirements.

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