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Co-innovation in times of crisis

Working through the pandemic as it spread around the globe has been a rollercoaster for many of us. Some companies are thriving, some are struggling, and others just need help to innovate so they can keep business running.

At LiveTiles, we understand that our customers could fall into any of these categories, and that every customer is different. That’s why our approach is less a lecture, and more a two-way conversation. We work alongside our clients, listening attentively to their main challenges, to find the right solution for them.

At our recent LiveTilesX Customers Conference, our colleagues were joined by clients from around the world for online sessions showcasing how LiveTiles co-innovates with customers.

Erin Stearns (VP Sales, Americas) and David Salter (Director of Technology Solutions) shared some of the customer stories that impressed them most.

These tales were a mix of customers whose previous digital transformations enabled them to stand strong during the unfolding pandemic, and clients who LiveTiles co-innovated with during COVID-19 to support them to adapt and transform digitally.

“Different levels of digital maturity dictate how we co-innovate together with a client and how we deliver the end solution together,” Erin said.

“Ultimately they are setting themselves up for success tomorrow and future-proofing the years to come.”

Here are some of Erin and David’s most impressive co-innovation case studies.

Case study 1

Healthcare COVID-19 assessment bot


  • Health service contact centre overwhelmed with COVID-19 enquiries in March.
  • Frequently changing CDC and WHO guidelines need to be easily updated.


  • Patients with COVID-19 queries directed to the public-facing website for digital triage.
  • Easy-to-update Microsoft Azure chat bot with “adaptive cards” as prompts.

Business benefits

  • Contact centre staff able to focus on core functions.
  • Higher patient satisfaction through reduced contact centre wait times.

As you can imagine, during the pandemic the client’s contact centre was overwhelmed with queries from the public. To add difficulty, the instructions they were supposed to follow from the CDC and WHO were constantly changing.

David said it was clear technology was the solution.

“They needed a way to respond through technology, to ease the burden on their contact centre, but with tooling that would allow them to rapidly auto-update guidelines,” he said.

LiveTiles created a chatbot that acted as a digital triage assistant so patients with COVID-19 queries were directed to the public website. Then a chatbot would guide patients through a simple and intuitive system with adaptive cards as helpful prompts.

“Not only was it delivered quickly, but it also delivered tangible benefits to the contact centre staff and those seeking info,” David said.

Find out more about this LiveTiles Quantum solution here.

Case study 2

NFL Corporate communication and collaboration


  • Current intranet was over seven years old; content was hard to find or obsolete.
  • Existing intranet was built in custom code.
  • Client was dependent on a consultancy to make any changes to their intranet, making it expensive, slow, and hard to manage.


Business benefit

  • A brand-new modern intranet that integrates with other apps.
  • Clean and intuitive, with the ability to link back to active directory.
  • The new intranet focuses on news, events, social media, and HR resources.

Erin said this customer cleverly leveraged the time of “business unusual” to build out a full foundation that will underpin their new Intelligent Workplace.

“They’ll also have the opportunity to add LiveTiles bots in the future to automate workflows and increase productivity.

“They wanted to empower their business units to be able to manage their own content and create a collaboration site with 700 employees and 500 plus external contractors,” she said.

“Together we put the control back in the hands of their business.”

Find out more about LiveTiles Design and LiveTiles Everywhere.

Case study 3

Healthcare clinical expertise directory


  • Referrals would come in and the receiving staff were often unaware of a specific patient, or who the correct person for that case was.
  • Errors in scheduling take time to correct and were leading to patient frustration.


  • Simplified access to specific clinical expertise through M365 SharePoint intranet.
  • Integration with HRIS and clinical credentialing module to negate double entry.

Business benefit

  • Reduction in scheduling errors and the costs of correction.
  • Improved patient experience with their first point contact with the service.
  • Client specializes in mental health services.

We all understand the importance of a positive first interaction with an organization.

“LiveTiles Quantum gives staff a specialized directory through their corporate intranet so they can search for niche expertise instantly,” David said.

“It integrates with 365 data from active directory but also interacts with other sources of data about a physician and that can be HR system, we are also able to connect using LT Quantum, to create a unified view of a physician within that organization. Easy and seamless.”

Find out more about LiveTiles Quantum here.

Case study 4

Logistics: MS Teams employee engagement services


  • The organization had Microsoft Teams, but no governance or rules of engagement.


  • Training for staff on adoption and governance.
  • A methodical approach to focus on a true employee user adoption launch, training, and governance strategy with LiveTiles Intranet the underpinning collaboration platform.
  • Define how MS Teams will be used as a communication and collaboration tool to meet broader business objectives.

Business benefits

  • Excellent internal communication and collaboration.
  • Clear governance to remove confusion and duplication for staff running Teams.

Erin explained that when COVID-19 hit, the customer selected Teams internally as their standard collaboration tool, but they had “zero governance”.

“They called us to talk through their challenges even though they weren’t 100 per cent sure what they needed, which is great.

“We worked in tandem so that there is knowledge transfer at all points and support along the way,” she said.

“We also leveraged LiveTiles Vibe, our employee wellbeing check-in tool, to gauge user adoption internal feedback.”

Case study 5

Construction management: Designs extranet


  • Design documentation being shared via email and an outdated poorly designed intranet.
  • Version control issues and third- party vendor frustration with access to documentation.


  • LiveTiles Intranet
  • Information architecture to reflect an updated approach to categorization of design docs.
  • Azure hosted “extranet” website with B2C identity management for third party contractors.

Business benefits

  • Reduction in version control problems and improved contractor satisfaction.
  • Standardized approach to design document management across multiple clients.

This large, busy client was in construction management for a huge set of household American chain brands. The challenge was how to better manage the design documentation they needed to share internally and with contractors.

“With LiveTiles Intranet we were able to deliver and design a fit-for-purpose extranet, with all the features you would expect for doc management, sharing, version control, etc.,” David said.

“It’s also about building something that reflects the way people understand information.”

Find out more about LiveTiles Intranet here.Case study 6

Case study 6

Media: Campaign process management


  • No consistent approach to digital media campaign management.
  • Inefficient duplication of effort through a lack of reusable assets.


  • M365 Intranet-based solution guides digital marketers through the standardized process.
  • Centralized storage and categorization of assets for efficient reuse across clients.


  • Improved efficiency in campaign management.
  • Higher margin on fixed price client projects through reuse of assets.
  • Positively impacts the bottom line.

David said a good way to look at LiveTiles solutions is like “Lego blocks”.

“We most likely have the solution for you as part of the underpinning intelligent experience platform,” he said.

“You can then build on that into the future with other features, making sure you are set up for success.”

Find out more about LiveTiles intelligent workplace solutions here.

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