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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

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Time to put slow communications in the backseat with LiveTiles Reach

Reach is a car dealership worker mobile app that gives employees access to easy-to-use technology solutions on their own mobile devices — pronto.

Some of the essential capabilities of LiveTiles Reach are:

Don’t sit at desks and are not typically online, thus creating barriers to communications. The frontline staff in the transportation industry often have trouble communicating because:

Engage frontline employees

Reach your people with timely, engaging content with a modern experience.

Personalize content

Get user-generated content that will spark conversation and connection.

Centralize knowledge

Bring knowledge to staff anywhere by hosting manuals, guidelines, policies, and other key information centrality.

Rekindle culture

Rally your people around global events, training, and town halls.


Have secure 1 to 1 and group conversations. Connect with colleagues, experts, and contacts in the people directory

Action your insights

Refine and enhance your content based on detailed insights and user behavior

Fuel automotive sales industry employees to thrive in the digital workplace

LiveTiles Intranet through Reach gives you the capability to upgrade your car dealership’s communication and bring your employees into the digital workplace.

Create significant opportunities for greater inclusion and diversity in the workplace

Support your team’s efficiency, employee engagement, and innovation by streamlining communications

  • It creates significant opportunities for greater inclusion and diversity in the workplace that involves all staff, whether they are in the office or in the front lines.
  • It remains up-to-date in the future. The user is supported by a powerful search function to find people, files, and information quickly and easily.
  • It’s an enterprise-strength digital workplace tool that is highly configurable and personable, encourages collaboration, and integrates seamlessly with third-party applications.
  • It can connect with correct information at once and multiple communications sources from group-wide policies and procedures manuals to Yammer conversations.
  • Mobile-first solutions and customized, targeted channels can boost grassroots collaboration, and drive internal learning and communications at a local level which increases engagement and knowledge sharing across the sites.

Drive the best possible employee experience with LiveTiles Intranet

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