Board of Directors

Karl Redenbach

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director

Karl Redenbach is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of LiveTiles. Karl was formerly the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the nSynergy Group, a global technology consulting business. Karl holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University and in December 2014, was awarded CEO of the Year by the Australian Human Resources Institute.

Peter Nguyen-Brown

Chief eXperience Officer & Executive Director

Peter Nguyen-Brown co-founded LiveTiles with Karl Redenbach. Peter is former Chief Operating Officer of the nSynergy Group, which he co-founded with Karl Redenbach. Peter holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering from Swinburne University. He has 20 years IT experience, including 15 years consulting and managing teams for enterprise solution deployment.


Andy McKeon

Non-Executive Director

Andy McKeon has over 25 years of global marketing experience and is currently the Global Chief Creative Officer at Genero, a global video production marketplace. Prior to Genero, Andy was the Global Accounts and Agencies Lead for Facebook and Instagram, managing relationships with Facebook’s most important customers, including Amazon, Nike, Apple, Ford, Microsoft, Walmart, Samsung and Visa and their advertising agencies.

Prior to Facebook, Andy was Creative Director at Apple where he worked under Steve Jobs and helped launch iPhones, iPads, Macs and iOS software.

Dana Rasmussen

Non-Executive Director

Dana is an accomplished People executive based in San Francisco, and is currently the SVP Head of People at Honor, a leading US technology healthcare business. Prior to this role, Dana held senior People function roles at Flywheel Sports, Banana Republic, L Brands and Yahoo.

Dana’s experience in senior People roles in leading technology and consumer businesses in the US are a huge asset as we further refine our strategy, which is reliant on attracting, organizing and motivating amazing talent.

David Lemphers

David Lemphers

Non-Executive Director

David started life as a hardware engineer, working for Mobile Oil and Mazda Motor Corp on fuel pumps and robots. David joined Microsoft in 2005. He worked on data center hardware with Windows Azure, before joining Live Labs. While there, he learned machine learning and applied his new-found skills to improving Bing.

David left MS in 2010 to work as a consultant at PwC, running their Cloud division, before beginning a machine learning start-up. After being acquired by Retailmenot, he moved to Austin, TX, to start his second start-up. He eventually returned to Microsoft as a Principal Applied Data Scientists before beginning his most recent venture, Code Pilot. 

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Rowan Wilkie
Chief Financial Officer

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