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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

Corona and employee comms help

Governments in several countries have started to recommend or even impose social distancing measures to contain the Corona virus or slow down its spread. Organizations are urged to introduce home office work at large scale to keep their operations going – many of them are not prepared. Consequently, they must reorganize their work routines, processes and teams. This is not possible without reliable communication.

Corona News
Example of Corona alerts within LiveTiles Reach
How we communicate Corona-related updates and alerts at LiveTiles

LiveTiles has a tradition of offering free use of its tools for wellbeing purposes under our LiveSmiles initiative. It is under this heritage that we had to get active to support companies in their challenge to keep up their business in the Corona crisis. We offer organizations in impacted regions our help and support to set up mobile communication tools for instant use. We provide an easy-to-use solution that does not require corporate IT equipment, that is up and running within 1 hour, secure, fast and reliable. All you need is a smartphone.

During the Coronavirus Crisis

Keeping employees informed during Corona lockdowns is imperative

What can you do?

Use a platform, such as LiveTiles Reach, to quickly inform employees of office closures, health and safety and keep them engaged while working remotely.

Make sure you update your employee experiences to take the hybrid work model into consideration. Communications is key within the hybrid work model and employee mental health should be closely monitored. Happy workers are productive workers and are more likely to be retained.

How we communicate Corona-related updates and alerts at LiveTiles

What does LiveTiles Reach do?

Reach is our cloud service helping employees to stay connected and informed by enabling organizations to reach and align all staff via a mobile app (on all iOS and Android devices) or a browser, communicate important updates, send out alerts, gather feedback, find and stay in touch with colleagues and share work instructions, knowledge and information. Reach does not require any base technology to be in place and works well with both Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Google, or even without any such platform.

Why should I use Reach in my organization or team?

Whether you are hit by restrictions preventing normal work routines or need to restructure your team to prepare for such an event, this will have a major effect on both your ability to communicate and on the psychological state of your staff:

Why use Reach and not Email or Whatsapp?

ProblemCondense’ Solution
Not all employees have a corporate email accountReach not require corporate user accounts but accepts any email account (incl. Gmail, Outlook, others).
Whatsapp does not provide good user and group management features
Maintaining mailing lists or Whatsapp groups is cumbersome and error-prone.
Reach provides powerful user and group management and comes with integrated Azure AD and an Azure AD B2C user directory.
Neither email nor Whatsapp are suited to distribute information in structured way (e.g. policies, work instructions, emergency plans that always need to be up to date and found and accessed quickly over a longer time)Reach supports various content types such as structured pages, documents, news, alerts, social posts and events and allows to push update notifications to users if required.
Content in mailboxes and Whatsapp groups is often lost in information overload or spamReach is a dedicated mobile communication channel in a separate app controlled by the organization

Please get in contact if you would like to know more about how LiveTiles can organise Corona comms help on our LiveTiles Reach platform.