How to Create a Cost-Effective Digital Transformation Strategy


For some, the term digital transformation conjures images of the famous Michael Bay franchise Transformers in which a young Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox fight against alien robots. For those in the tech world, the term is a more specific reference to the impact digital technology can have on the workplace.

Brian Solis defines digital transformation as “the realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.” According to Solis’ 2014 study, many businesses believed to be in a period of digital transformation, but their business practices didn’t reflect this. They invested in digital technology but didn’t realign their business models. They didn’t use digital technology to reach digital consumers.

This is the key to digital transformation. It’s not just integrating digital technology into the workplace. It’s using this technology to interact with digital consumers. As Solis reminds us, too many companies lack a coherent digital transformation strategy to effectively do this. LiveTiles believes in the necessity of a digital transformation strategy, which is why we develop digital solutions that save companies time and money so that they can focus on consumer engagement.

How to Create a Cost-Effective Digital Transformation Strategy


LiveTiles Design is a UI design solution that helps businesses create their digital transformation strategy. Designed for end users without any coding experience, LiveTiles Design sits on top of Microsoft SharePoint, Azure and Office 365. By using the drag and drop function, companies can create an engaging digital workplace within minutes.

Every IT department knows that SharePoint has its shortcomings. According to a 2014 user study, 67 % of SharePoint users found the experience unfavorable. Despite its widespread use and favorable ratings of SharePoint’s new additions, companies are not fully sold on SharePoint’s capabilities.

To succeed in today’s digital era, companies need to be cloud-based and mobile. Before embracing digital transformation, however, companies want to know which strategy will offer the strongest ROI. Instead of taking days to create or maintain an intranet with traditional SharePoint, a company’s IT department can use LiveTiles Design and have a digital workplace up and running in a few hours.

Here are just a few facts: An average organization of 90,000 employees across 200,000 SharePoint sites would see a cost saving of 80% when LiveTiles is implemented. This cost amounts to over $8 million in the first year with expectations that it will grow over time. In addition, there is an 80 % time saving when it comes to the deployment and maintenance of SharePoint sites. This ensures that IT resources can be used for more important initiatives than tasks relating to SharePoint.

After the implementation of LiveTiles, the final step is to use the digital workplace to reach out to more consumers. With Power BI and social media, for example, companies can increase employee collaboration and worker productivity to more successfully enhance consumer engagement. Power BI provides powerful data visualization in real-time and social media enables companies to share ideas about consumer engagement remotely.

How to Create a Cost-Effective Digital Transformation Strategy

 LiveTiles Design with Power BI and Social Media

The full digital transformation of the workplace starts with an intuitive UI design and an engaging UX so that companies can use valuable resources to build their consumer base. Ultimately, what transforms is the relationship between company and consumer. Does your company have an effective digital transformation strategy? Let us know.

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