Create a mobile-friendly portal with your real estate agent tools

Is there any industry more fast-paced than real estate? Most customers comprehend from personal experience how quickly properties are put on and off the market. However, the ones who know this best are the professionals in the field. Today’s real estate agents are always on the move, meeting with potential customers and listing properties at a rapid rate. For many of them, they only make money through commission, which means that they must be ahead of the curve to succeed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these real estate agents could access all the real estate agent tools they need to succeed on their mobile devices? Wouldn’t it be great if the best real estate software was presented to them in a clear manner without any headache?

Those in the IT Department know too well that SharePoint can be costly to deploy and maintain, and many of them lament that their real estate agencies are not getting the most out of SharePoint. LiveTiles SharePoint solves this problem by offering real estate agencies a mobile-responsive business solution that surfaces all data and information real estate agents need on one business portal that can be accessed from anywhere.

Access all your real estate agent tools on your mobile intelligent workplace

LiveTiles enables you to create beautifully engaging sites on SharePoint & Office 365 at a significant cost and time savings. Your real estate portal can be up and running in a few hours and agents in the field will immediately have access to their very own mobile-responsive portal.

So how can this be done? With a simple click of the mouse, select “Blank Responsive” under the “Create” tab from the design landing page. After you decide how you want the layout of the page to look, click on the “Tiles” tab and begin designing a page by dragging and dropping different tiles onto the portal, such as Power BI and Yammer.

Imagine the benefits of this. Real estate agents can quickly access internal and external information on their mobile devices, which gives them more time to stay in the field and reach more customers. One such app is Power BI, which provides insight into sales trends. Another app is Yammer, which can keep real estate agents up to date with important company news while they’re on the field.

After designing the page, click on the “Preview Width” tab to see how your portal will look on different devices. The screen shots below show what a portal might look like on a desktop or laptop, and then what a mobile-responsive portal might like look for someone with a smartphone. The best part: these can be modified based on different departments, from HR to branch manager to agents themselves.

How to create a mobile-responsive portal with all your real estate agent tools

Real estate portal on a desktop

How to create a portal with all your real estate agent tools

Real estate portal on a smartphone

It’s important to know that LiveTiles Design’s real estate portal offers configurability for unique needs. A real estate agent can have all of their non-Microsoft apps on the same screen as their Microsoft apps, and the real estate portal can always be updated to suit the agent’s needs. This means instant access to essential real estate tools, anytime, anywhere.

Ultimately, by giving real estate agents access to internal and external information on a user-friendly, mobile-responsive business portal, LiveTiles Design allows real estate agents to stay competitive in a fast-paced industry. Many real estate agents are understandably frustrated that they have to waste time going back and forth to the office, and this is precisely because they lack the technology to make remote work a reality. LiveTiles Design changes this, and it’s not just that real estate agencies will spend less money on SharePoint deployment and maintenance, it’s that the agents in the field will finally feel like they can do their jobs without any roadblocks.

For more information on the ways LiveTiles can assist your real estate agency, check out the video below.

Create a Mobile Portal For Your Agents

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