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Commercial real estate

This commercial real estate company has more than 200 staff. While they have a relatively small team, they also have offices across several CBDs in Australia, so it was vital everyone stayed connected.

Real estate

The Challenge

An outdated intranet and very small amount of internal capacity to create one.

The Solution

A shiny new intranet with simple drag and drop capability, letting our client get hands-on with building and editing whatever pages they needed.

The Result

More staff are using the intranet, and six “power users” are jumping in to create their own subsites.

The Challenge

An intranet that needed a renovation

The staff member in charge of the company’s digital presence had a lot on his plate. From EDMs, to social media, to website content and design, he was taking care of everything digital.

Even though he had a huge amount of work on his plate, it was clear their intranet was due for a big renovation.

“One of the issues that we’ve always had is that there’s only really been one focal point of updating content and adding new things,” our contact said.

The Solution

A solution with a solid foundation

The client wanted their intranet to have a solid foundation. So they went to market and got in touch with multiple vendors, before ultimately choosing LiveTiles.

“We were happy with that, especially since we went through a really lengthy due diligence process. We went out to our staff, finding out what their needs were, and what they wanted their intranet to be,” our client said.

“I think we made the right decision. The really easy drag and drop thing at the top of SharePoint was one of the main drivers.

“We don’t have any in-house web developers per se, which is where I’ve sort of fallen into building and creating our intranet with a bit of a UX UI lens,” our contact explained.

“That drag and drop has really enabled us to be able to just run with it.”

Cost efficiencies with LiveTiles compared to others in the market also impacted the client’s decision.

Our digitally-savvy client was also a big fan of old-fashioned pen and paper wireframing. They wireframed the whole site, mapping out what they wanted and how it should look, keeping in mind the modular style and build that is easily leveraged through the LiveTiles product.

One of the best things about an easy-to-use intranet product? Making mistakes that you can fix yourself in no time.

“This was really easy just to get my hands on and start just creating from the get-go. I like to learn by just jumping in and doing it and making mistakes.

“It took us eight weeks from start to finish to get to our soft launch. Prior to that we were months in making the decision. And it is an important decision to make because you everyone in the company is a stakeholder, so everyone should have a say in what they want from it.

“We’ve got six power users. They each own their own subsite and they’re coming to me pretty much every day asking, ‘can we do this? Can we do that?’ So that’s where it is at the moment,” he said.

“I’m trying to take a step back from the nitty gritty, and let those super-users collate a list of what they want to see as the next level of pages after their main subsite.”

The first couple of days we released it, we got a lot of feedback. People are really on board with it. We're finding that people are using it more and more.

The Result

“Simple, clean, easy”

The feedback here has been, “it’s nice, it’s simple, it’s clean, it’s easy, it’s really pared back from what we had”.

The organization is already seeing more interest from staff in using the company intranet. The old site is still live, but they are directing users to the new intranet and inviting their feedback.

“The first couple of days we released it, we got a lot of feedback. People are really on board with it,” the client said.

“We’re finding that people are using it more and more.”

Our LiveTiles representative gets a massive tick of approval from the client.

“He has been awesome. He’s always happy to run over to our offices. He’s a miracle worker.”

The client’s next focus is powering up their business intelligence with LiveTiles products.

“We’ve got a really big focus on data and analytics. This is something where we’re starting to put a lot more resources into.

“We’ve just jumped into the depths of power BI. I know there’s a power BI tile and we want to start looking at that as well.”

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