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Complex Retail Hardware Operation

Building a structure requires the right hardware. And connecting a massive team across a huge distance requires the right software.


The Challenge

How do you bring together thousands of employees working across Europe selling timber and hardware? Oh, and those employees work in all sorts of roles, from driving trucks, to the sales floor, to the executive levels.

The Solution

Not one, not two, but five excellent intranets, all controlled via a single app. Everyone gets the info they need, wherever they are. From corporate comms to alerts about the cake in the lunchroom, staff are now in the loop about everything, and feeling engaged and connected. There’s also fancy info screens in the lunchrooms now to replace old school noticeboards.

The Result

Everyone is much happier than before…there’s no more staff missing important announcements and feeling disconnected from the company and the team. Workers have reported feeling “part of something bigger” and a “family feeling”. What could be better than that?

The Challenge

The unnoticed noticeboard

The client was struggling to communicate effectively with their whole team, especially their truck drivers and older staff who weren’t tech savvy.

They were looking for a system that created a two-way communication, not just a way to broadcast corporate messages from the top down. Basically, they wanted a way to have a conversation with their staff and bring people closer together despite their dispersed locations.

Their current system was just too outdated. In fact, they were printing hard copy notices and hanging them on noticeboards. Naturally, it was taking ages for the staff who move around, like their drivers, to see the information. And much of it was important, regarding things like payroll.

The Solution

Constructing a conversation

It was clear the client’s approach wasn’t going to cut it. It just wasn’t functional for staff to be left out of the loop of important updates.

Our LiveTiles customer service representative began talking to the client’s communications department and setting up workshops to figure out what kind of solution the client was looking for.

After these sessions at the client’s headquarters and their branches across Scandinavia, a lot of information was collected. Everyone had their say, from senior management, to finance, to the drivers, to those working on the sales floor.

Findings pointed clearly to the need for a new platform to support great two-way communication.

This intensive research found that a new intranet was definitely required. But not just one. Five connected intranets were needed to really get each region’s workers supported and engaged, and to provide region-specific information.

Staff adopted the technology and a beautiful change in staff morale resulted, with workers saying they feel they are part of something bigger.

The Result

Building a family vibe

LiveTiles built an intranet per branch for the client. The client now has five intranets, all controlled via one app.

Information screens were placed in lunchrooms to replace the old-school noticeboards. Now staff can use the app and the desktop version of their intranet, and glance at the info screen during breaks.

There’s also channels for specific workers in specific regions for targeted information like staffing announcements, anniversaries, and get-togethers.

Staff adopted the technology and a beautiful change in staff morale resulted, with workers saying they feel they are “part of something bigger”. They can post their own announcements and respond to others. The technology has brought the teams together, despite their geographical distance.

Instead of just receiving notices from above, it’s now a conversation with all members of the company. The intranets have done the absolute best thing they could do: they’ve made staff feel like a family.

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