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When the pandemic unfolded, this airport needed to move hundreds of staff from corporate desktops to a work from home environment.

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The Challenge

The client needed to move hundreds of staff from corporate desktops to a work from home environment as the pandemic unfolded. They also realized all their staff data was out of date. With an OHS policy in place that required them to know exactly where their people were working, they needed to gather accurate staff information rapidly.

The Solution

LiveTiles was able to implement Employee Directory (part of the LiveTiles Quantum toolkit) within two days. The directory software brings your Microsoft Active Directory to life by automatically ensuring profile information is always complete and up-to-date.

The Result

LiveTiles’ Employee Directory was implemented rapidly, keeping the client OH&S compliant and connected to their work-from-home staff. Staff contact details are both up-to-date and easily accessible internally.

No urgency, and then…

LiveTiles had been connected with this particular client for a while. The client had reached out with some interest in using our Employee Directory softwareLiveTiles had presented many different demonstrations to address some integration pain points that the client had.  

The LiveTiles/client connection was great. The client really liked the platform but at that point there was no real urgency for them to actually implement it. Then COVID-19 hit and everything changed.  

With responsibility for hundreds of staff, the client had a real challenge. They needed to quickly move all their staff from corporate desktops to a work from home environment as the pandemic unfolded.  

One of the biggest issues the client encountered was that all their people data was incorrect. They also found they had no way of gathering that information as fast as they needed it. And they needed it fast. 

Most importantly, the biggest issue around staff details was actually an OH&S one. The client was legally required to have accurate knowledge of the location of their staff during work hours. They needed a way to get those up-to-date details as soon as possible. 

Rapid response

When our staff received an email from the client on a Sunday, desperate to fast track the process, LiveTiles had everything signed off and ready to go within two days. 

LiveTiles Employee Directory was clearly the solution the client needed. 

Liveiles Employee Directory is part of the LiveTiles Quantum toolkit. The directory software brings company’s Microsoft Active Directory to life by automatically ensuring profile information is always complete and up-to-date 

It improves IT service delivery, employee engagement, unlocks opportunities for greater personalization, and makes people information readily available in employee profiles, the people and expertise directory, and an organizational diagram. 

LiveTiles had very tight timeframes they needed to hit and  LiveTiles Employee Directory, by its very nature, was able to achieve that for the client quickly.  

It was also very intuitive for the client to get up and running, with our LiveTiles Representatives giving them guidance throughout the implementation phase.  

The client was able to pick up the reins from there, configure the solution, and move forward and make it a great success. 

"We've got the Swiss Army Knife of solutions. We used that bag of tricks, uncovered, the client's problems, and solved them with those tech solutions."

Keeping connected

LiveTiles Employee Directory has brought the client’s staff together, keeping them connected while everyone is working remotely. That information on where they are and how to contact each other is up-to-date and easily accessible internallyThe client’s feedback about this solution has been very positive. 

Many organizations are now flexible around people working from home. That means the accuracy of their people data is going to become incredibly important going forward for many reasons.  

As our LiveTiles Representatives said, “This is not a travel industry solution…This is an “every industry” solution.”  

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