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Public Health Organisation

With the health of hundreds in their hands, supporting their internal and external stakeholders was crucial to keeping the public safe.


The Challenge

A big client devoted to the health of hundreds of thousands was struggling to support their internal and external stakeholders. Their intranet was ailing, their communications were poorly, and their systems were on life support. On top of everything, the Coronavirus pandemic was making everything even harder.

The Solution

LiveTiles diagnosed a multi-layered remedy: A dose of Microsoft Teams, a course of Teams governance, a custom video, a bot, and a good shot of expert support.

The Result

An unexpected (but very much appreciated) digital transformation for the client. This included 100 percent adoption of Teams, a paper system going completely digital, and much healthier communication channels and problem-solving capabilities.

The Challenge

The ailment

The client provides vital healthcare infrastructure to a large portfolio, including hospitals, ambulances, and community health. Their users included everyone from doctors, to emergency service, to administration staff. Their users were also spread over a big area geographically.

While this large client was devoted to tending to the health and wellness of the community, their internal communications needed a dose of tender loving care. To make matters more difficult, the client was dealing with lots of outdated legacy systems and often a somewhat conservative view of IT systems and cloud-based solutions.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, it became more important than ever for the client to get their communications in better health, so they could keep the community safe.

The client came to LiveTiles because once they had to send a substantial part of their workforce to work from home, their systems were unable to cope with the workload. That included user proficiency, and consequently the strain that they were placing on their help desk for support.

The Solution

The diagnosis

An important part of diagnosing an ailment is really listening to your patient. LiveTiles spoke extensively to the client to really understand their pain points.

LiveTiles offered the client fast and pragmatic solutions. Two primary targets were set. The first was around Microsoft Teams governance, the second around the support services offered by LiveTiles.

By putting as much care into engagement and understanding as on describing the products, LiveTiles was able to kick some early goals, putting an emphasis on not just the products on offer, but the level of support LiveTiles can offer clients.

The client’s senior stakeholders were particularly excited by the work around bots and conversational UI and how it could help them.

The situation was dire. But LiveTiles had the cure.

The Result

The cure

The solution was a mix of LiveTiles technology and expertise, a helpful instructional video, and hands-on support.

The new tech is now in place for the client at all their sites. LiveTiles also added a level of automation for specific stakeholders within the client’s organisation. This was turned around in a day. These tight timeframes and flexibility were very appreciated by the client.

Within a day, one of the client’s paper-based systems was transformed into a Team within Microsoft Teams. And the Team was adopted by 100 per cent of users within no time at all.

LiveTiles also built a support Team for one of the client’s departments, to help take some of the load off their internal support staff.

Using our bot technology, LiveTiles also built a Q and A bot that was the baseline to bring in some conversational UI. LiveTiles also embedded Zendesk Chat as well, so users can ask the bot a question, as well as questioning a real live expert.

While this client didn’t realize they were heading into an accelerated digital transformation, that’s where they ended up. And they couldn’t be happier with the results.

While this client didn’t realize they were heading into an accelerated digital transformation, that’s where they ended up. And they couldn’t be happier with the results.

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