Riveron Consulting

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Riveron is a business advisory firm specializing in accounting, finance, and operations.

North America, United States

The Challenge

Riveron Consulting used a network drive to store its documents and resources, which made version control and accessing files challenging.

The Solution

With LiveTiles, Riveron said goodbye to the network drive and built a flexible and mobile digital workplace that has boosted productivity and collaboration with everything staff need on a single screen.

The Result

Using LiveTiles’ canvas over SharePoint, Lauren built a central hub for Riveron employees to find and share information.

The Challenge:

Like many businesses, Riveron stored all of its files on a network drive. This meant siloed teams and an almost unmanageable way of accessing the documents they needed.

“We had huge challenges with documents getting edited, added or deleted on the network drive without permission,” said Lauren Dyer, Senior Marketing Associate at Riveron Consulting.

“Our firm also had issues with creating a folder system that allowed staff to efficiently navigate and find what they were looking for.”

With staff creating their own folders, editing documents and saving them in obscure locations, collaboration was difficult. The system was clunky, inefficient and it shackled communication.

Riveron solution
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The Solution:

LiveTiles partner Artis Consulting, a technology solutions firm based in Texas, worked closely with Lauren and helped transform Riveron Consulting’s network drive into a mobile-friendly digital workplace that is giving teams the ability to connect seamlessly across devices, between departments and beyond time zones.

“We would not have the site that we do without their ability to understand our issues, collaborate on strategy and turn it into something innovative and functional,” Lauren said.

Using LiveTiles’ canvas over SharePoint, Lauren built a central hub for Riveron employees to find and share information.

“All Riveron employees can now start their day on the homepage catching up on the latest company announcements, viewing a list of their weekly meetings, enjoying event photos, and having quick access to documents,” she said.

She also built team dashboards for marketing, HR and sales, all of which work seamlessly on mobile devices.


Since most all of our employees are out at client sites daily, it’s been crucial to have a more centralized and organized hub for information that can be accessed remotely.

Lauren Dyer, Senior Marketing Associate at Riveron Consulting

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