Designing a Real Estate Intranet Portal

Real estate is a fast paced and demanding market. An operation can run the gamut and have anywhere between a handful of agents flipping properties out of a single office, to hundreds located across different branches. But regardless of the size of the operation, the name of the game is information. Real estate agents as well as their branch managers, must have access to market information in real time in order to make the most informed decision, as the employees that make up the operation all have different needs. An agent may need to access to more localized statistics, while a branch manager may need information about trends in the larger housing market, as well as his branch’s statistics. Providing an efficient real estate intranet that can service the needs of the different real estate players, bring together the information and apps they need in a cohesive ecosystem, while maintaining the ability to scale across branches and different devices can be an IT headache. Fortunately, LiveTiles allows your IT department to do just that; creating and deploying an intuitive SharePoint portal in a matter of days.

Real Estate intranet design with LiveTiles

The LiveTiles platform allows your IT department to access the powerhouse functionality of Microsoft SharePoint in a user friendly way. Enabling you to create a real estate intranet that is focused on employee engagement. The LveTiles solution contains a layered approach, incorporating the functionality of Microsoft with the tools you need for employees to access information and stay engaged. A LiveTiles real estate intranet sits atop SharePoint and provides users with a layer of intuitive UI to easily access SharePoint’s permission settings, list storage, site collections and information architecture. In this way your IT department, or even capable end users with permissions, can make quick changes to the layout of a SharePoint portal or multiple site collections without the need for front end SharePoint coding. However, SharePoint developers still have the capacity to manage code and extensions the same way the would in SharePoint.

More importantly, IT can replicate portals and site collections across larger real estate operations quickly and easily. This ensures that the solutions available to one branch of the operation are available throughout, meeting the same compliance standards, but at the same time allowing individual users the ability to customize their layout. More so, because there is no coding on the front end, the occurrence of bugs is greatly reduced. This saves time and man power and in the long run helps with the IT budget management, freeing up opportunities for innovation elsewhere.

This is where the design canvas comes in. LiveTiles’ design canvas is the framework through which users interact with the deeper SharePoint experience. From the design canvas a SharePoint designer can drag in and drop different tiles, each imbuing the SharePoint portal with differing functionality. The design canvas can also be put into a wireframe mode which renders all its elements in grayscale. This allows SharePoint designers to focus on the core elements of the portal, allowing them to quickly create a new one or augment an existing one.

Real Estate intranet design with M365

So, if a branch manager wants to see an infographic that displays the performance of each of his branches in real time, he’d drag the Power BI tile into his SharePoint portal and the information would be displayed using real time analytics. In that same vein, a news feed can be embedded which shows our branch manager all the relevant news going on in the real estate market, allowing them to better spot and capitalize on trends.

Real estate intranet design with Sharepoint as the base example

And while users are quickly able to utilize different solutions in the Office365 Suite, such as Sway and OneDrive, the LiveTiles code snippet feature allows users to bring certain real estate specific solutions into the ecosystem of their SharePoint portal. So if your company uses a solution such as Propertybase for managing client activity as well as listings and inventory, the IT department can incorporate those aspects into the real estate portal.

But most importantly, all these elements, whether found in the Office 365 suite or snipped from 3rd party solutions, can be integrated into a real estate portal that is not only mobile friendly, but mobile first. Real estate agents are constantly on the go, moving through multiple listings in a day and dealing with multiple parties for each listing. Having one place to go for your emails, analytics and documents such as lease agreements is great. Having that place be your phone is better.

It is all these elements working in conjunction that make the LiveTiles platform and your real estate intranet, not only an innovative solution, but an economic one as well. When IT is not busy putting out fires created by botched code, they can focus their efforts on providing the users they service with the best possible experience; an experience that is responsive and empowers them to work in the way that suits them.

Ultimately this is what is demanded, not solely by the real estate industry, but by the new world of work we have found ourselves in. Digital. Mobile. That’s the status quo. That is how our environment, and our daily lives are rapidly changing. There is an entire plane of existence out there that can only be touched through a cybernated means. The tools are different. The rules are different. But in the end, once we possess those tools, our capacity to build something better remains the same. And today the road to that something better starts in the palm of your hand.

Get started with your Real Estate intranet portal.

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