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Directory for Law Firms

Finding subject matter experts is critical in any organization. Getting the right people with the right experience to reach the right outcome should be a necessity.

Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Employees can get lost in the vast web applications and services a company provides and end up completely stuck in the sea of information.

This is particularly true, especially in law firms. Organizations of legal professionals have different focuses, specializations, and degrees relating to all kinds of law and law focuses. Staying on top of their human capital to reflect the most accurate information becomes more and more difficult as firms grow, and people earn additional certifications. But finding the right person for the job should not be difficult.

Providing a solution for law firms that not only help manage these accolades but runs a daily audit of all sources of truth to guarantee attorneys have the most updated information, is not just a must-have, it is a requirement. Keeping attorney and law specialist communications in order and error-free is critical to success.

LiveTiles Directory uses AI technology to help manage those audits and provide admins the ability to create permissions around a professional’s profile so that there is zero confusion on what to add and what answers are acceptable. The LiveTiles user experience allows you to:

  • Group attorneys in an organization by degree and specialization. Provide custom filters, and attributes that relate to your specific field.
  • Proactively collect data from staff with reminders both periodically and through defined triggers including new hires or team changes.
  • Control the quality of entered data with simple validation rules and approvals where necessary.
  • Effectively audience target intranet content at staff based on user profile attributes.
  • Improve the effectiveness of and process workflows that are dependent on having correct values e.g. “Manager” or “Department” or “Practice Group”
  • Automate the build and ongoing maintenance of an interactive organization chart for presentation on your SharePoint intranet or through Microsoft Teams

With this law firm online solution, attorneys and law specialists can be highlighted on team pages, with the dynamic org charts and filterable results using our web parts. Additionally, during onboarding, share preset views of teams to help new hires find the groups they are looking for.

Automation can also be a part of the collection process, with our A.I. that is baked into the live active directory platform. Enable your end users to stay on top of their own information, degrees, and certifications with Hyperbot. 

This law firm directory solution allows you to build a reliable database of subject matter experts that you can manage and leverage at any time and in any instance to support your organization

Get in contact to learn more today by requesting a demo at the link below.

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