5 ways employee profiles drive remote workforce engagement

Remote workforce engagement is essential to keeping company culture alive and creating a more connected workplace. Join us for a webinar to learn how employee profiles can help!

How do you find ways to support your people, but in a more digital way? It begins with onboarding new staff, celebrating achievements and replacing those everyday “watercooler chats.” This may sound like a whole heap of work, but luckily employee profiles can help. 

No matter  if your digital workplace is bound together by your intranet, SharePoint, or Microsoft Teams, employee profiles are essential to remote workforce engagement. When managed properly, they have the power to remove uncertainty by giving extra information and a little personality to the people you virtually connect with each day.  

Watch our webinar presented by LiveTiles Sr. Solutions Specialist, Justin Tung and learn:

  • How remote workforce engagement can be uplifted by employee profiles
  • What makes a good employee profile
  • Why LiveTiles Directory is the missing link to help you get the right employee information in the right place
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