6 key considerations to successfully communicate with your firstline

Firstline worker communications is now essential. Join us for a conversation on how to deliver personalized communications and better employee engagement.

Firstline worker communications is now essential. The firstline worker has become the most important worker in most organizations and their work ensures we get the products and services needed in our daily lives.  

Still, having the tools and technology to reach all employees with critical business communications is easier said than done – let alone reaching them with personalized messages.  Different worksites and industries have their own unique challenges in delivering the appropriate information to their employees in general. These challenges become even more amplified when looking at the firstline worker communications.

Luckily Microsoft and targeted Employee Communication Apps can make this once complex task a breeze.

Watch our on-demand webinar, co-hosted with partner PAIT Group and learn how to provide the right knowledge to the right people at the right time. Additional insights you’ll takeaway from this webinar on improving firstline worker communications include:

  • The needs of the firstline and distributed workforces, along with the ongoing struggle of making sure you’re not just communication noise
  • The must-have tech tools to support teams regardless of location and how other organizations are leveraging them for success
  • Ways you can personalize communications and wellness initiatives to keep everyone in the loop with company news and initiatives long term


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