Addressing Business Unusual in Retail Today

From grocery stores shifting to limited hours, restaurants moving to take-out only options and brick-and-mortar being forced to e-commerce; the world of retail is rapidly changing. This all brings growing concern over critical factors like employee safety and morale, supply chain stress, and inventory management. How do you address these concerns and prepare for what’s to come?

Watch our panel discussion co-hosted with members of LiveTiles, Provoke Solutions, Intactic and Microsoft, recorded on April 21st to:

  • Hear straight from industry experts on issues affecting the retail industry
  • Define the new normal through specific examples and use cases
  • Understand how you can enable productivity during uncertain times
  • Gain insight on the behavior change required at all levels of a retail organization
  • Learn new ways to engage employees and increase trust and morale


John Wesley, Senior Solutions Specialist at LiveTiles

Simon Low, Solutions Consultant at Provoke Solutions

Sue McMahon, Industry Executive – Retail & Consumer Goods at Microsoft

Preston Lewis, Founder & CEO at Intactic


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