Applying a governance model for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft recently announced that Microsoft Teams has reached 13 million daily active users, introducing new ways for teams to collaborate, streamline business processes, chat, house files and more, in a single, integrated app. 

While the app can improve collaborationthe question of Teams governance and management is becoming more apparent and a growing concern for larger organizations, especially as Microsoft is set to continuing investing in adding new features and folding in other capabilities like Skype for Business 

The answer? Introduce a light governance model that can help to prevent Teams from running out of control, but without the risk of governance becoming a barrier to usage or painful to manage. 

In this webinar, learn how you can:  

  • Introduce a provisioning ability that enables users to easily create Teams that have outlined rolespermissions, and metadata 
  • Create a template for Teams that include the right default features based on use case, e.g. including Planner if Teams is being used for a project 
  • Apply the use of a form that ensures the right information is centrally captured at creation, including site purposenominated owners and roles 
  • Centrally manage Teams sites for company-wide owners and admins, making it easier to enable processes relating to the archiving of sites or handing a site over to a new owner 

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LiveTiles Director of Technology Solutions, David Salter

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