Elevating Employee Experience in the Era of the Great Resignation

Global research reveals why employees feel increasingly disconnected from work and identify which key elements of employee experience (EX) that employers need to fix if they are to successfully engage and retain their workforce in the new world of work.

Speakers: Paul Conneally, Global Director of Communications at LiveTiles and Elaine Murphy, SVP LiveTiles

Join this free webinar and learn:

Why younger employees value flexibility above all else?

How frontline workers are calling for greater inclusion in the digital workplace?

Why frustration with outdated digital collaboration tools demand an urgent upgrade?

Which elements of great EX employees want and expect in the hybrid world of work?

Why wellbeing in the workplace is now a strategic imperative?

Presented by Paul Conneally, Global Director of Communications at LiveTiles and featuring a conversation with Elaine Murphy, SVP LiveTiles, on how this new research resonates with what she is learning on the ground with our global customer base.

Register now for on-demand access and you will also receive your free download of the full report which includes unique insights, recommendations and checklists to achieve a better EX in the hybrid world of work.

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