How do we bring our frontline, deskless workforce into the modern workplace?

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This webinar is jointly hosted with our most recent UK partner Intelogy.

Organizations in spaces such as manufacturing, retail or medical care (to name a few examples) have separate camps. Those on the frontline, and those perhaps deemed as “corporate” who are more desk-based, whether that desk is in the office, at home or both. A big challenge that faces many of these organisations is: How do we build a consistent, coherent communications structure across both of these areas? Join us and learn how you can bring your frontline workers into your Modern Workplace.

The webinar will tee-up today’s comms challenges integrating front-line audiences into your existing workplace and share practical use cases spanning the desk- and non-desk users with a single comms solution.

  • Addressing today’s organization-wide communication challenges
  • How to bring frontline workers into your modern workplace
  • Frontline industry use cases using LiveTiles Reach employee app
- Alex Franklin, Solution Architect Intelogy, UK

Alex Franklin

Solution Architect Intelogy, UK

Colin Burke

Colin Burke

Head of Enterprise Solutions, UK & Ireland

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