How to Secure Collaboration from Insider Threats

Insider threats are on the rise. Are you prepared?

The 2019 Insider Threat Report reveals 60% of organizations have experienced an insider attack in the past 12 months, and 70% disclosing that insider attacks have become more frequent.

The report underscores the real threat posed by your trusted insiders. Security and IT team attention is mainly focused on hackers, but attacks from within are a significant threat to the entertainment industry as the BBC discovered with the leaked Doctor Who scripts. You need to safeguard sensitive information from outsiders and insiders alike, especially when using collaboration tools such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams that make it easy to inadvertently or maliciously share or misuse files.

Join LiveTiles and our partner Nucleus Cyber for a session to discuss:

  • Key findings of the 2019 Insider Threat Report and industry breach examples
  • Basic steps for protecting collaboration content from insider threats
  • How to provision and secure your collaboration tools to keep information safe


Dr. Steven Marsh, VP Product, Nucleus Cyber

Rod Bray, Senior Solutions Specialist, LiveTiles


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