Increase engagement with frontline employees

The COVID-19 crisis has made it clear once again how important communication is for your organization, especially frontline worker communications. As a communications and HR department, you want to be able to share important updates and policy changes easily and quickly with all employees. 

In addition, as an organization you want the various teams and departments to be able to communicate with each other. For office workers, the means of communication for this are often widely available. But how is this communicated to the frontline employees, such as store staff, care service providers, factory staff and/or transport staff? They often do not have access to a fixed workstation and/or laptop.

These individuals, who are mobile a lot, also need to stay well informed about news, updates and policies within the organization. But how do you go about launching efficient frontline worker communications? Because it is precisely this target group that often does not have access to news or other communication, so they fall back to using unsafe and uncontrollable tooling (such as Whatsapp).

In the webinar ‘Increase engagement with frontline employees’, we will tell you more about:

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