Make Better HR Decisions with Analytics

How can big data, analytics, and cutting-edge tech tools help HR professionals make better, value-adding decisions? HR leaders of all types are invited to “Make Better HR Decisions with Analytics” webinar hosted by LiveTiles and Zegami.

This webinar will inform and inspire the HR community, tackling the pain points which HR Analytics can solve. It will be brought to life with real-world examples and there will be a live Question & Answer session where you can raise specific challenges in your business.

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  • What does the overall HR tech landscape look like? Where will true innovation come from in the next 5 years? The next 10 years? Why data visualization is part of the future of HR.
  • How can HR analytics create real value? And how you can get everybody “speaking the same language” with shared tools, letting you collect and view your HR data in a single dashboard.
  • How to organize your HR team for analytics. How to effectively collect, view and analyze your HR data for real insights into your organization.
  • Overview of LiveTiles and Zegami’s HR solutions. Technology features include live organizational charts, active people directory, and visual data mapping tools for your HR data.

Tony Habschmidt – Zegami – HR Technology Expert: Tony has 10 plus years of HR consulting experience with Willis Towers Watson, one of the world’s largest HR consultancies. He also holds an MBA from Oxford and works closely with multiple technology startups focusing on the growing field of “HR tech”.

Frederik Armbrust – LiveTiles – Innovation Executive: Frederik is an expert at guiding enterprises through their digital transformation journey, helping brands become more customer-centric, increase employee productivity, and increase data security while staying agile and responding to the ever-changing environment.

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