Microsoft Teams – Beyond the Meeting

Communicating with a remote workforce has its challenges, but it seems that Microsoft Teams is doing a great job in helping with some of them. But did you know that Teams is much more than just a way to facilitate online meetings?

Join Host & Creator of the Intelligent Workplace Podcast, Chris Lukianenko, and his guest James Dellow, Digital Strategist from The Digital Workplace Company as they explore the Opportunities to use Microsoft Teams for more than just meetings. James is a human-centered designer and technology strategist with a Masters in Business & Technology and will be drawing upon his insights gained from over 20 years of experience in the industry.

In this session, Chris and James discuss:

  • How to create an effective distributed team;
  • How Microsoft Teams can assist you;
  • Getting your tech hygiene right before diving in;
  • Using Teams for more than meetings; and
  • How our current intranets fit into the picture.

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