Microsoft Teams is so much more than audio and video: The power of Microsoft Teams as a total platform

Don’t miss our upcoming Microsoft Teams webinar! On Wednesday, March 24 at 16:00 (CET), Microsoft and LiveTiles, joined by Mixit and WorkplaceBuddy, will host a webinar entitled “Let Microsoft Teams be your personal productivity hub”.

This webinar is organised and hosted by Microsoft and is part of Microsoft’s “Teams as a Platform” initiative with leading MS Teams ISVs in Europe and will provide answers to the following question: how can we set up Teams as a productivity platform for different personas?

Together with Microsoft, WorkplaceBuddy, and the LiveTiles partner Mixit, we will share insights covering the following challenges:

  • How to set up Teams to be a communication platform for office and frontline employees?
  • How can Teams become an extension for HR management?
  • How can Teams be used as a central hub for self-service and e-learning?

Registrations are now open on the Microsoft Website: Chose the March 24 Webinar “Let Microsoft Teams be your personal productivity hub.”

NOTE: If you prefer to attend the same webinar in Dutch (March 24th at 14:00 (CET), please use the following “Register for Dutch Webinar” link to the right to register.

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