Power up your small to medium business

Join our 4-part workforce empowerment series

If  you are running a small to medium business, chance are things have been tricky recently.  Find out how the right technology can help.

Our 4-part workforce empowerment series will tackle the big questions for businesses looking to implement a digital workplace solution. 

Join our team of experts as they share their insights and demonstrate some real world solutions:
  • Session 1: Workforce empowerment with LiveTiles external version HR Onboarding
  • Session 2: Can Microsoft Teams be your small business intranet?
  • Session 3: Reaching the mobile workforce for SMBs
  • Session 4: How to ensure employee engagement in challenging times and beyond
Can only join for one or a couple of the sessions? Register anyway and we’ll send you all the recordings so you can catch up later!

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