Time to check in with your employees’ well-being

With employees working in isolation from their home, employee health and well-being is a serious issue for companies.

For this session, Host and Creator of the Intelligent Workplace Podcast, Chris Lukianenko, author and Co-Founder of Pure Minds, Nina Purewal, and LiveTiles Co-Founder, Peter Nguyen-Brown. Nina spoke with Chris previously on The Intelligent Workplace Podcast about mindfulness, and Peter is an advocate for employee well being, having been instrumental in the launch of the LiveSmiles movement. Together they will be discussing the current issues facing businesses with remote work forces.

In this session, Nina and Peter discuss:

  • The effect that isolation is having on employees
  • Some strategies to ensure your staff are looking after their well-being
  • How you can check-in with your employees via new Microsoft Teams app that LiveTiles is developing
  • And what we need to consider in the future when employees return to the new normal.

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