Show off your people: Build a people-centric Intranet.

Connect your people with Hyperfish’s latest active directory feature – Live Organizational Charts. This latest feature enables the dynamic view of your org charts on your intranet.  

Knowing who is in your business can dramatically improve workplace collaboration, however, having and easily viewing up to date information on your people is a common business challenge.

Most of this important organizational chart information usually sits in static excel documents, or forgotten active directories.

This is not a problem unique to just enterprise companies, organizations of all sizes would benefit from finding a better way to keep their org charts current.

In this webinar you will learn how you can optimize your intranet with dynamic and customizable org charts that will streamline collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Join Rod Bray, Innovation and Experience Lead at LiveTiles and Dan Stoll, VP of Product Technology at Hyperfish and learn: 

  • Common organizational chart challenges and limitations
  • Displaying your Live Organizational chart on your Intranet for improved employee collaboration
  • The business benefits of improving your people information


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