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Bring your company directory to life by ensuring profile information is always complete and up-to-date

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Simple and user-led

With our Directory your workforce reviews and updates their profile in one click. It also periodically reminds employees to review their profiles to ensure they remain accurate and up to date.  

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Beautiful and engaging

Our Directory supports uploading highdefinition profile pictures ensuring your workforce has a face to their name. 

Always find who you are looking for

Search based on role, geography, department, key words and more. Group employees in segments such as special projects, so your employees can easily find who they’re looking for.  

Directory profile overview
Directory profile fill

Leveraging ai and bots

With our Directory capability, real-time analytics on employee directory health and trends. Leverage A.I. to monitor missing information and prompt your workforce with the use of and bots that align to your brands and tone of voice. 

Unify and personalize

With the capability to unify data with other systems of record, identify and locate your workforce with ease. Build highly personalized profiles for the functions in your business, and then implement AI to optimize searchability.

Directory profile overview

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