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With LiveTiles Search, looking for information is a breeze

Dart and dash through your workflow using AI powered by Coveo to get things done. Think of it like a major search engine but with privacy and security built in so you won’t worry about sensitive data leaking out of your organization.

Granular profile search with filter and export function

Stumped on finding the right and available person for your next project? With filtering and export functions spanning across departments, choose team members to assign specific tasks. Send exported data to other leaders so they could assist in assembling specialized teams for complicated projects.

TMI no more

Employees spending too much time looking for files and policies instead of completing work? TMI, or too much information, delays fast-moving teams from taking tasks to the next phase. We’ve built our tech on top of Microsoft’s own platform, pulling results from commonly used enterprise apps like SharePoint and ServiceNow, to eliminate the need to know where every information lives. Type ‘search,’ get the information you want, and get work squared away.

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CYCL Matchpoint (LiveTiles Hub) and Condense (LiveTiles Reach) are now a part of LiveTiles.
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