Fender 1.0 Product Release Notes, Nov. 17th

This week’s product release is all about inner beauty, and by that we mean colors, colors, colors!

We’ve introduced the ability to set up a custom color palette as a quick go-to for designers to choose from when creating sites to enhance the company brand. Rather than adding in a custom color code each time you change a tile’s color, you can choose from specified colors with one click.

For all the colorful details, read on down.

Improvement: Color Palette Management

Color Palette Management LiveTiles has added the ability for you to manage the colour palette for designers with the new Manage Palette option.

This can be found on the Landing page and allows you set default colours for designers, giving them the ease of choosing from a specified palette without needing to input custom HEX/RGBA code each time you want to customise a tile’s colour. Additionally, you have the option of restricting designers from using colours outside of the given palette.

When you open the Manage Palette option, you are shown the Manage Pallete screen.

This screen allows you to choose the following options:

Enable Custom Palettes – This allows you to enable adding in custom colours to be made available from the colour picker.

Allow Designers to choose custom colours – This allows you to turn on/off the ability for LiveTiles Designers to be able to choose from colours outside of those that you make available from this screen.

In order to add/edit a colour, you need to click on a circle in the gray area above. Here, you will be shown a colour picker, allowing you to enter in a new colour before saving. If you clicked on an existing colour, you will also be shown the option to delete that colour as well.

Once you save your changes, designers will be able to see your selected colours next to the colour picker. If you have chosen to restrict it so designers are unable to choose their own custom colours, they will only see the colours selected for the colour picker.

Bug fix:

Override Page Font – Certain Fonts Not Working Fonts will now properly be set on tiles that have their page font overridden.

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