Digital Business Transformation: What Does It Mean for your Organization?

eBook: The Future of Digital Workplace 2019

How exactly can you transform your organization with an intelligent workplace platform?

When work was confined to a physical office during set business hours, an intranet was a great tool for helping employees do their jobs. It made it easy for staff to find the right person in the organization to contact for help when issues arose, and gave them a way to stay up to date with company news.

But as our workplaces have shifted from physical locations and set times to an always-on, always-connected workforce that may be doing as much work outside of the office as in it, the intranet has evolved with it to become a digital workplace.

Gartner predicts that by 2023, midsize enterprises that adopt digital workplaces will be twice as likely to be top performers.

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  • OVERVIEW: Transform Your Organization with an Intelligent Workplace
  • PART 1: Digital Workplace: Building a Culture¬†of Engagement and Productivity
  • PART 2: How to Digitally Transform into an Intelligent Workplace

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