Get your staff news out of silos

One of the toughest things about internal comms is engaging staff. Now more than ever, it’s vital to connect with workers quickly and effectively.

Our employee app LiveTiles Reach is now also available as MS Teams App. This is the first time targeted internal communication has been so seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams.

It’s only been integrated since August but it’s already making people’s work lives much easier.

LiveTiles Reach Employee App

With more than 70 million users worldwide, Microsoft Teams is becoming the place where we all do most of our work.

So it’s all the more important that company news reaches employees directly in Microsoft Teams.

That’s why LiveTiles’ now offers LiveTiles Reach as a Microsoft Teams app.


Got lots of Teams channels? Overcome the communication silos

Microsoft Teams has established itself as the standard collaboration app. But it wasn’t designed for targeted corporate comms.

In fact, the extensive use of Teams can even create new communication silos, hidden in numerous teams and channels.

LiveTiles Reach addresses this by easily integrating internal corporate communications with Microsoft Teams. HR and comms staff can create messages directly within Microsoft Teams and target specific user groups or all employees.

Here’s why staff don’t have to leave Teams for company updates

  • LiveTiles Reach App allows users to read and comment on internal news directly in Teams.
  • Authors can create and publish articles directly in Teams and distribute to specific target groups.
  • Employees can choose whether they want notifications on their smartphone, via email, or in Teams.

Install LiveTiles Reach for Teams

You can install Reach for Microsoft Teams, create a free Reach subscription, and start right away – without any IT footprint. Request trial now.


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