How to copy files from other drives in Microsoft Teams

There are several ways to easily copy a file directly into a Team or channel on Microsoft Teams. If you just need to transfer individual files and not a whole folder, one of these handy methods will work for you.

Here’s how to copy drives in MS Teams

First, go to the Team you want to copy the files to and navigate to the Files tab. You can click the upload files button to upload directly from your O drive or P drive. 

Or, if you already have your O or P drive open, you can drag the files you want to copy over directly to the files window in Teams. 

Both of these methods will copy files individually, but will not copy over the folder structures if you already have them set up. You can create folders within the Files tab and drag and drop the files to sort them if you like

This next method will show you how to keep all the files you’re transferring tidy and in the folders you already have set up in your O and P drives.

In the files tab, click on “Open in SharePoint”. This will open the SharePoint view for the Team you’re. Select “Upload”. You can select whole folders in this view, and uploading the files here will keep the folders you’ve already created, so it will reflect this structure in the Files Tab of the Team application.

Pretty neat, right?

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