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How to use online notifications in Microsoft Teams

With so many of us using Microsoft Teams while working from home, chances are you’ve tried to contact a colleague and their status is set to “busy” or “do not disturb”.

Luckily, there’s no need to periodically check your co-worker’s status to see when you can get in touch.

Follow our instructions to see how you can get handy notifications when someone’s status changes back to “available”.

Here’s how

  1. To be notified when someone changes their status to “online” find them in your recent chats, hover over it and click the three dots.
  2. Select the “Notify me when online” option. It’s that easy! Teams will send you a notification as soon as they come back online.
  3. You can turn off notifications by pressing these three dots again.

Learn more

Check out our Tips and Tricks page or visit the LiveTiles Teams Support page.

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